Please see a selection of treatment galleries below; please hover over each section and use the left/right arrows to see our many examples:

Powder Brows: Pixellated shading to provide a tinted/natural look, or more saturation for a makeup look:

Combination Brows: A combination of two techniques, consisting of hair stroke and powder:

Eyeliner: Can be upper, upper and lower, a combination of shading for a smoky eye look or a simple lash enhancement; all bespoke to suit your eye shape:

Lip Blush: Bold or subtle, great for those who have lost natural pigment in their lips and looking to achieve a natural, or more vibrant look:

Profhilo: This is a bio-remodelling injectable hyaluronic acid, a deeply hydrating treatment that restores volume, firmness and structure to the skin and stimulates 4 types of collagen growth. Can be used on the face, neck and hands:

Aqualyx: This is a non-surgical form of fat reduction using an injectable treatment. The body will dissolve the fat cells and expel them naturally:

Digital Skin Needling: Great for uneven skin texture, acne scarring, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles:

Lash Lift and Tint: Perming the lashes with a lifting technique gives the appearance of longer lashes, finishing off with a tint:

Brow Lamination: Great treatment for unruly brows or ‘barely there’, as treatment sculpts the brows into a more desirable shape; paired with tinting as an option these really makes them pop!


Some more examples of our work: